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Why The EpigenX Approach Different

In today’s world, it’s more important than ever to play an active role in your healthcare and wellness decisions. 

All too often, doctors’ offices are like an assembly line -- churning out patients with in-and-out examinations, knee-jerk diagnoses... and potentially expensive and unnecessary medications- all in the space of 6 minutes. An educated patient is a healthy patient! And I want to help you play a more active role in your long-term health and well-being.

Why You Need Blood Tests

Standard blood tests indicate how well the kidneys and liver are functioning, the potential for heart  disease, and a host of other vital health markers. More detailed blood panels can tell your far more. EpigenX offers tests that are far more specific than the usual tests which often tell us very little. This is true for thyroid and lipid evaluations as examples: these tests as usually offered are almost worthless. EpigenX offers tests that actually provide useful information.

However, most doctors generally ignore these specialised tests because they are not ‘blessed’ by the guru specialists who provide GPs with the officially approved treatment programs: specialists who may have never heard of these tests or simply dismiss them because their colleagues have not embraced them. And unfortunately most of us cannot decipher these results ourselves, nor can we even formulate the right questions to ask about them - or we couldn't until now. In my program I explain what the range of blood tests are and why you would you be vitally interested in these tests.

I Explain What The Tests Mean

I try to clear up the mystery surrounding blood test results in simple language…. And explain all of the information found on your pathology reports, and which tests are critical to your overall health and vitality.

You’ll learn how to read the numbers and abbreviations: you’ll learn what each test is assessing and how the results can affect your health.  An informed patient has a far better means of maintaining good health than one who simply accepts what the doctor orders.  Medical care is a partnership, not an authoritarian one way dialogue.

Dr Robin Willcourt - MB.BS, FRANZCOG, FACOG.

Dr Robin Willcourt - MB.BS, FRANZCOG, FACOG.